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Friday, December 06, 2019

Proverbs 4:1-4

Proverbs 4:1-4 (BSB) 1 Listen, my sons, to a father’s instruction;
pay attention and gain understanding.
2 For I give you sound teaching;
do not abandon my instruction.
3 When I was a son to my father,
tender and the only child of my mother,
4 he taught me and said,
“Let your heart lay hold of my words;
keep my commands and you will live.

King Solomon's father was King David. From verse 3 and 4, we get a picture of King David. If you've studied King David, you've seen him as the young shepherd writing poems and guarding his father's sheep; the young teen who killed Goliath; a young man who soothed King Saul's migraines with his music and songs; the bestfriend of Saul's son, Jonathon; a young warrior; the leader of a band of desperados being chased by King Saul; King of Israel; an adulterer and murderer; a repentant. Now we see into another part of King David... as a father. From these verses, evidently King David did not neglect to teach his children godly wisdom. As a king, he surely had tutors for his children so they would be educated and ready to rule in a pinch. Solomon was his chosen successor on the throne so he would have received an education and training in all things. But Solomon says King David personally taught him godly wisdom... "When I was a son to my father... he taught me". And now, King Solomon is trying to teach his son what his father taught him about godly wisdom. It wasn't something they left for paid teachers to do. It wasn't something King David, and King Solomon, left for their wives to do. It wasn't something they left for the religious leaders or the Temple to do. All that is important, but King David and King Solomon saw it as a personal duty to teach their children godly wisdom. They did not assign that responsibility to someone else. They knew they were responsible, and personally invested in their children, therefore, who better to teach them spiritual truths?

These fathers were intentionally teaching their children spiritual truths. They didn't expect others to do it for them. They were committed to passing on godly wisdom because they realized it was the most important thing they could pass down to the next generation.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

2 Timothy 3:14-15 But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 6:1-4 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Psalm 78:1-8 (NLT)
1 O my people, listen to my instructions.
Open your ears to what I am saying,
2 for I will speak to you in a parable.
I will teach you hidden lessons from our past—
3 stories we have heard and known,
stories our ancestors handed down to us.
4 We will not hide these truths from our children;
we will tell the next generation
about the glorious deeds of the LORD,
about his power and his mighty wonders.
5 For he issued his laws to Jacob;
he gave his instructions to Israel.
He commanded our ancestors
to teach them to their children,
6 so the next generation might know them—
even the children not yet born—
and they in turn will teach their own children.
7 So each generation should set its hope anew on God,
not forgetting his glorious miracles
and obeying his commands.
8 Then they will not be like their ancestors—
stubborn, rebellious, and unfaithful,
refusing to give their hearts to God.

The duty of the parent/guardian is to teach their children godly wisdom and spiritual truths. To make sure, being committed and consistent, in teaching your spiritual beliefs. If they are taught, then it becomes between them and God. If they are never taught, it is on your hands. It is the duty of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to teach. It is the duty of the children to listen and pay attention.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
Listen - שִׁמְע֣וּ (šim·‘ū) - Verb - Qal - Imperative - masculine plural
Strong's Hebrew 8085: To hear intelligently

pay attention - וְ֝הַקְשִׁ֗יבוּ (qashab, wə·haq·šî·ḇū) - Conjunctive waw | Verb - Hifil - Imperative - masculine plural
Strong's Hebrew 7181: attend, cause to hearken, give heed, incline, mark well, regard
A primitive root; to prick up the ears

Notice the word for "pay attention" comes from the primitive root meaning "to prick up the ears".

That means they are hearing what you say. It's not "blah blah blah" background noise. It's very difficult to engage the attention of children today as they only have about a 10 second attention span. Teachers are very challenged to teach children in classrooms because they are trying to engage 25-40 students and keep their attention long enough to impart information. But you only have to teach your children, not that many. Surely you can find ways to get their attention and focus!

You also have to know something about that which you speak. Maybe you didn't have good training on spiritual truths when you were growing up. Maybe your parents didn't teach you these things. Maybe they didn't take you to church. Maybe you had NO training at all. But that doesn't give you a pass. If you are a parent, or have children you are responsible for, you need to fulfil that responsibility. You feed them, you cloth them, you bathe them, you take them to school and to the doctor. Those are responsibilities. But don't neglect your spiritual responsibility to them.

If you feel inadequate to train your children in godly wisdom and spiritual truths, you can rectify that. Begin reading your Bible, attending church, attending Bible studies, reading Christian self help books, having discussions with your pastor. Most of all, realize, as a born again Christian, God has sent the Holy Spirit to live in you in order to train, teach and empower you to be the Christian God calls you to be. So pray and ask God to use the Holy Spirit within you to teach you how to train your children in the ways of God. It's important to take your children to church but don't just drop them off and pick them up. You go and receive training, teaching and prepare yourself for those deep questions that your children will one day ask.

Be sure and spend some quality one-on-one time with each child. Ask some probing questions. Try to get some dialogue going and then give them godly wisdom. Read a Bible verse to them as you put them to bed and say a prayer with them. Do Christian activities with them such as going to church, serving food at the homeless shelter, taking gifts to a nursing home, getting Christmas gifts ready for children in need, etc. You want to model Christian values and beliefs in front of your children.

Google something like, "parents teaching children spiritual truths" and you will find some resources and activities to get their attention.

Don't neglect your duty as the spiritual head of your household. If kings could do it, you should. You know they had to be busy, but King David and King Solomon weren't too busy to teach their children the most important lessons of all. If you want your children to go to Heaven, then teach them about Heaven, about Jesus, about salvation. Then it's up to them to make the choice. But if you never teach them, they may not realize they have a choice. Heaven is not the default. You are either saved through Jesus Christ or you go to hell. If you make no choice, the default is hell. Give your children the advantage of a choice.

  • Did you have parents who took their responsibility for teaching spiritual truths and godly wisdom seriously? Or did your parents neglect that responsibility? Or did they delegate their responsibility to others?
  • How did your parents help, or hinder, your knowledge of godly wisdom, spiritual truths, the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the gospel of salvation?
  • How did your parents (guardians) affect your decision for Christ? For some, their parents had little effect on the most important decision they ever made. For some, their parents greatly helped their children in making the most important decision of their life. For others, their parents stood in their way, trying to drag them from Jesus Christ. Those parents may be from a different religion or they may practise the religion of atheism. They hate Christ, they hate Christians, they hate the Bible and they will try anything to keep their children from choosing salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Have your parents (guardians) been supportive or hostile to your choice of Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?
  • Do you feel adequate in your spiritual knowledge and godly wisdom to answer questions by your children? Why or why not?
  • Is there anything you can do to increase your biblical knowledge and godly wisdom so you will feel more confident?
  • Do you have questions? How can you find answers to your own questions so you will be prepared to answer the questions of your children? Write down your own questions. Then seek answers in the Bible, from your pastor, from Christian self help books on the subject. Believe me, there is plenty of knowledge, explanations and instructive teaching on any subject that you have a question about. You aren't the only one in the world with questions and you aren't the only person to delve into a subject to learn more. So take advantage of what's out there to learn what you want to know.

This inquiring mind wants to know.

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Thursday, December 05, 2019

Thriller Thursday-John Warlick

James Powell Warlick was born 5/1848 in SC. He married Sarah Abigail Roach in 1878. Sallie Roach was born Abt. 1857 in York County, SC to Thomas W. Roach, Jr. (DOB 1805 in York County, SC; DOD 1874 in York County, SC) and Sarah E. Workman (DOB 5/8/1808 in York County, SC; DOD 7/20/1848 in York County, SC). Thomas W. Roach, Jr. was the brother of Samuel Madison Roach and it is through Samuel Madison Roach that my husband, Stan, is a descendant so he would be Stan's 5th great uncle.

Thomas W. Roach, Jr. had 3 wives and children from all 3 wives:

Sarah E. Workman had James Madison Roach, Margaret A. Roach, Robert M. Roach, Napoleon Bonaparte Roach, George Ross Roach, and Martha Elizabeth  Roach.

Mary Melissa Faulkner had Harriett Rebecca Roach and died a few months later.

Mary Bradshaw had Sarah Abigail Roach, Isabella Roach, John Jackson Roach, Nancy Ann Roach, Margaret Destemonie Roach, Thomas Bradshaw Roach and Mary Sara Flora "Mollie" Roach.

So Sarah "Sallie" Abigail Roach was his eldest child with his 3rd wife. She had seven older half brothers and sisters and six younger brothers and sisters!

1860 U.S. Census of  York county, South Carolina; Roll: M653_1228; Page: 441; Family History Library Film: 805228, Lines 7-14, "Thos Roach"
Thos Roach, 56 yrs old, M(ale), Farmer, $2,880 Real Estate Value and $9,000 Personal Estate Value, Born in York District, SC
Mary Roach, 29 yrs old F, Domestic, Born in York District, SC
Napoleon Roach, 22 yrs old, M, "Out far", Born in York District, SC
Ross Roach, 16 yrs old, M, "Out far", Born in York District, SC
Martha E. Roach, 12 yrs old, F, Born in York District, SC
Hariet Roach (sic), 8 yrs old, F, Born in York District, SC
Sarah Roach, 3 yrs old, F, Born in York District, SC
Isabella Roach, 2 yrs old, F, Born in York District, SC

1870 U.S. Census of Division 2, York County, South Carolina; Roll: M593_1512; Page: 211A; Family History Library Film: 553011, Lines 26-33, "Thomas Roach"
Thomas Roach, 66 yrs old, M(ale), W(hite), Farmer, $0 Real Estate Value and $389 Personal Estate Value, Born in SC
Mary Roach, 39 yrs old, F, W, Keeping house, Born in SC
Sarah Roach, 13 yrs old, F, W, Born in SC
Isabella Roach, 12 yrs old, F, W, Born in SC
John Roach, 10 yrs old, M, W, Born in SC
Nancy A. Roach, 7 yrs old, F, W, Born in SC
Destemonie Roach, 5 yrs old, F, W, Born in SC
John Parker, 22 yrs old, M, B(lack), Farm Laborer, Born in SC, Cannot read or write

Sarah Abigail Roach and James Powell Warlick had 9 children:

1) Samuel Alexander Warlick, Sr. (DOB 10/4/1878 in York County, SC; DOD 3/19/1952 in Salisbury, Rowan County, NC) married Rachel Ellen Hope (DOB 6/19/1882 in SC; DOD 7/23/1971 in Graham, Alamance County, NC). They had Herbert Powell Warlick, Margaret Lillian Warlick, Pearle Louise Warlick, Samuel Alexander Warlick, Robert Edgar Warlick, Mary Elizabeth Warlick (or Elizabeth Mae Warlick).

2) James Polk Warlick (DOB 4/16/1880 in York County, SC; DOD 8/18/1939 in York County, SC). Never married.

3) Thomas Jefferson Warlick (DOB 4/16/1880 in York County, SC; DOD 2/5/1945 in Rock Hill, York County, SC). Never married.

4) John Warlick (DOB 4/1883 in York County, SC; DOD 8/5/1908 in York, York County, SC). Never married.

5) Dennis Ross Warlick (DOB 1/18/1887 in York County, SC; DOD 9/14/1948 in Wilmington, New Hanover County, NC) married Carrie Blanche Deaver (DOB 8/8/1892 in Kinston, Lenoir County, NC; DOD 12/17/1985 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UT). They had Josephine Warlick, Frazier Lee Warlick, Hattie Leona Warlick, Bonnie Bell Warlick, Daisy Blanch Warlick, Dennis Ram Warlick, James Powell Warlick, Myrtle Christine Warlick, Marion Hugh Warlick, Dalice Juanita Warlick.

6) Mamie Diana Warlick (DOB 10/6/1888 in York County, SC; DOD 6/15/1967 in ? ) married Robert Ashe McGinnis (DOB 9/7/1884 in York County, SC; DOD 8/12/1953 in East Spencer, Rowan County, NC). They had Robert Carl McGinnis, Harry Bryson McGinnis, Mamie Rose McGinnis, James William McGinnis, Thomas Charles McGinnis.

7) Tessie Saye Warlick (DOB 3/9/1891 in York County, SC; DOD 12/22/1963 in SC) married George William White (DOB 7/20/1893 in SC; DOD 4/12/1970 in ? ). They had Viola White.

8) Cleo Warlick (DOB 7/4/1894 in York County, SC; DOD 4/29/1967 in ? ) married 1st W. Henry Porter (10/29/1893 in Columbia, Richland County, SC; DOD 3/1/1914 in Lockmore Mill Village, Yorkville, York County, SC). They had only been married about a month when he ate his Sunday lunch and was talking to family and he suddenly fell backward dead at 21 yrs old. She was pregnant when he died with Mary Porter (married James F. Comer). She married 2nd Robert Floyd Wilson (DOB 12/6/1902 in SC; DOD 12/17/1989 in Gastonia, Gaston County, NC). They had Frazier James Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Helen Wilson (married ? Baker, James Leslie Connolly), Robert Wilson and D.R. Wilson.

9) Eunice Pamela Warlick (DOB 6/30/1899 in York County, SC; DOD 11/29/1983 in SC) married William Brown Ferguson (DOB 7/27/1895 in SC; DOD 7/4/1970 in ? ). they had Mary Eunice Ferguson, William Brown Ferguson, Dorothy E. Ferguson, Mildred J. Ferguson, James Robert Ferguson.

1900 U.W. Census of Bullocks Creek, York County, South Carolina; Page: 9; Enumeration District: 0087; FHL microfilm: 1241545, Lines 72-82, "J.P. Warlick"
J.P. Warlick, Head, W(hite), M(ale), Born May, 1848, Married 22 yrs, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Farmer, Can read and write, Rents farm
Sallie A. Warlick, Wife, W, F, Born Jan, 1857, 43 yrs old, Married 22 yrs, 12 children with 9 still living, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Can read and write
James K.Warlick, Son, W, M, Born Apr, 1880, 20 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Farm Laborer, Can read and write
William T. Warlick, Son, W, M, Born April, 1880, 20 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Farm Laborer, Can read and write
John Warlick, Son, W, M, Born  April, 1883, 17 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Farm Laborer, Can read and write
Dennis Warlick, Son, W, M, born Jan, 1887, 13 yrs old, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Mamie Warlick, Daughter, W, F, Born Oct, 1888, 11 yrs old, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Tessie Warlick, Daughter, W, F, Born March,  1892, 8 yrs old, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Cleo Warlick, Daughter, W, F, Born July, 1894, 5 yrs old. Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Eunice Warlick, Daughter, W, F, Born June, 1899, 11/12 mos old, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC

James Powell Warlick
BIRTH 1848, South Carolina, USA
DEATH 1901 (aged 52–53), York, York County, South Carolina, USA
BURIAL Sharon Associate Reformed Presbyterian Churchyard, Sharon, York County, South Carolina, USA
MEMORIAL ID 196046407

Sally Abigail Roach Warlick
BIRTH 19 Aug 1867, South Carolina, USA
DEATH 19 Sep 1908 (aged 41), York, York County, South Carolina, USA
BURIAL Sharon Associate Reformed Presbyterian Churchyard, Sharon, York County, South Carolina, USA
MEMORIAL ID 196046201

According to James Powell Warlick's FindAGrave information, he died in 1901. But I found his obituary in 1903.

Yorkville Enquirer, York, SC, 10/20/1903, Pg 2, James Warlick
Death of Mr. James Warlick
Mr. James Warlick died at his home on the outskirts of Yorkville last Saturday morning of paralysis. Mr. Warlick was from Blairsville neighborhood, and has been living in and near Yorkville for two years. He was a shoemaker by trade, and had a wide reputation as a workman of unusual skill and ability. He was also known as a man of unquestionable integrity. He was only about fifty three years of age. He leaves a widow and eight children. The remains were interred at Sharon on Sunday.

Yorkville Enquirer, York, SC, 9/22/1908, Pg 2, Sarah Abigail Warlick
Mrs. Sarah Abigail Warlick, widow of the late James Warlick, died at her home in Yorkville last Saturday morning after a long and tedious illness with consumption. She was aged 50 years and one month. The funeral took place at Sharon on Sunday, the services being conducted by Rev. J.S. Grier.

1910 U.S. Census of  Lockmore Mill, York, York County, South Carolina; Roll: T624_1468; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 0115; FHL microfilm: 1375481, Lines  15-19, "Pope Warlick" (sic, James Polk Warlick, the eldest brother)
Pope Warlick, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 25 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Father born in NC, Mother born in SC, Speeder in cotton mill, Can read and write, Rents home
T.F. Warlick, Brother, M, W, 25 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Father born in NC, Mother born in SC, Speeder in cotton mill, Can read and write
Tessie Warlick, Sister, F, W, 17 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Father born in NC, Mother born in SC, Spooler in cotton mill, Can read and write
Cleo Warlick, Sister, F, W, 15 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Father born in NC, Mother born in SC, Spinner in cotton mill, Can read and write
Eula Warlick, Sister, F, W, 11 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Father born in NC, Mother born in SC, Does not attend school

1910 U.S. Census of Jefferson St, Monroe Ward 2, Union County, North Carolina; Roll: T624_1134; Page: 19B; Enumeration District: 0129; FHL microfilm: 1375147, Lines 70-74, "Sam A. Warlick"
Sam A. Warlick, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 29 yrs old, First marriage, Married 7 yrs, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Shoemaker, Can read and write, Rents home
Rachel Warlick, Wife, F, W, 26 yrs old, First marriage, Married 7 yrs, 3 children with 3 still living, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Harbert Warlick (sic), Son, M, W, 5 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Lillian Warlick, Daughter, F, W, 4 yrs old, Single, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Pearl Warlick, Daughter, F, W, 2 yrs old, Single, Born in NC, Both parents born in SC

1910 U.S. Census of Orion St, Kinston, Lenoir County, North Carolina; Roll: T624_1120; Page: 24A; Enumeration District: 0064; FHL microfilm: 1375133, Lines 43-47, "Tobe Mesdoris" and "Dennis Warlick"
Tobe Mesdoris, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 21 yrs old, First marriage, Married 1 yr, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Laborer in Cotton mill, Can read and write, Rents home
Mary Mesdoris, Wife, F, W, 20 yrs old, First marriage, Married 1 yr, 1 child with 1 still living, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Can read and write
Ottis Mesdoris, Son, M, W, 8/12 mos old, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Dennis Warlick, Head, M, W, 28 yrs old, First marriage, Married 0 yrs, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Laborer in cotton mill, Can read and write, Rents home
Carrie Warlick, Wife, F, W, 17 yrs old, First marriage, Married 0 yrs, 0 children, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, No occupation, Can read and write

1910 U.S. Census of Pinckney St, York, York County, South Carolina; Roll: T624_1468; Page: 19B; Enumeration District: 0115; FHL microfilm: 1375481, Lines 80-82, "R.A. McGinnis"
R.A. McGinnis, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 27 yrs old, First marriage, Married 2 yrs, Born in SC, Father born in NC, Mother born in SC, Overseer in cotton mill, Can read and write, Rents home
Mamie McGinnis, Wife, F, Wm 21 yrs old, First marriage, Married 2 yrs, 1 child with 1 still living, born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Can read and write
Carl McGinnis, Son, M, W, 1 yr old, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC

1920 U.S. Census of Moore Avenue, York, York County, South Carolina; Roll: T625_1709; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 120, Lines 57-60, "James P. Wallic" (sic, James Polk Warlick)
James P. Wallic, Head, Rents home, M(ale), W(hite), 34 yrs old, Single, Can read and write, Born in SC, Father born in NC, Mother born in SC, Speeder in cotton mill
Jeff Wallic, Brother, M, W, 34 yrs old, Single, Can read and write, Born in SC, Father born in NC, Mother born in SC, Speeder in cotton mill
Cleo P. Porter, Sister, F, W, 24 yrs old, Widowed, Can read and write, Born in SC, Father born in NC, Mother born in SC
Mary H. Porter, Niece, F, W, 5 yrs old, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC

1930 U.S. Census of  Nellie Mill Rd, York, York County, South Carolina; Page: 11A; Enumeration District: 0038; FHL microfilm: 2341950, Lines 6-7, "Jeff T. Wallick" (sic, Thomas Jefferson Warlick)
Jeff T. Wallick, Head, Rents home for $3.00, W(hite), M(ale), 49 yrs old, Single, Can read and write, Born in SC, both parents born in SC, Speeder at cotton mill
James P. Wallick, Brother, W(hite), M(ale), 49 yrs old, Single, Can read and write, Born in SC, both parents born in SC, Speeder at cotton mill

SC Death Certificate #12165, Registration District 44-A, Registered #35, James K. Polk Warlick, DOD 8/18/1939 in York, York County, South Carolina
Male, White, Single, DOB 4/16/1880 in York County, SC, 59 yrs old
Occupation: Textile worker
Father: James Warlick, born in York County, SC
Mother: Sally Roach, born in York County, SC
Informant: Will White, York, SC
DOD 8/18/1939 at 6:30am
Cause of death: Cardiovascular renal disease
Buried 8/20/1939 in Rose Hill Cemetery, York, SC

1940 U.S. Census of York, York County, South Carolina; Roll: m-t0627-03846; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 46-56, Lines 6-9, "George White"
George White, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 47 yrs old, Married, Attended school thru 4th grade, Born in SC, Overseer in cotton mill, Income $1050
Tessie White, Wife, F, W, 47 yrs old, Married, Did not attend school, Born in SC, Spinner in cotton mill, Income $700
Margaret White, Mother, F, W, 72 yrs old, Widowed, Did not attend school, Born in NC
Jeff Warlick, Brother-in-law, M, W, 59 yrs old, Single, Did not attend school, Born in SC, No occupation

SC Death Certificate 02342, Registration District 4405, Thos Jefferson Warlick, DOD 2/5/1945 in Fort Mill, Ebenezer Township, Rock Hill, York County, SC
Male, White, Single, DOB 4/16/1880 in York County, SC, 64 yrs old
Occupation: Textile retired
Father: James Warlick, born in York County, SC
Mother: Sallie Roach, born in York County, SC
Informant: G.W. White, Fort Mill, SC
DOD 2/5/1945 at 7:00am
Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage
Buried: 2/6/1945 at Rose Hill Cemetery, York, SC

NC Death Certificate #2051, Registration District #65-90, Certificate #4, Dennis R. Warlick, DOD 9/14/1948 in Spofford Mill Office, Wilmington, New Hanover County, NC
Usual residence: 23 Spofford, Wilmington, New Hanover County, NC
Male, White, Married to Mrs. Carrie Deavers Warlick, DOB 8/8/1892 in Sharon, SC, 56 yrs old
Occupation: Textile Worker at Spofford Mill, Inc.
Father: James Powell Warlick, born in NC
Mother: Sally Abigail Roach, born in Blairsville, SC
Informant: Frazier L. Warlick, Wilmington, NC
DOD 9/14/1948 at 8:30am
Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage due to hypertension
Buried: 9/16/1948 in Greenlawn Memorial Park, Wilmington, NC

NC Death Certificate #9523, Registration District #80-80, Registrar's Certificate #97, Samuel A. Warlick, Sr., DOD 3/19/1952 in Rowan Memorial Hospital, Salisbury, Rowan County, NC
Usual residence: 1013 N. Main  St, Salisbury, Rowan County, NC
Male, White, Married, DOB 10/4/1878 in York County, SC, 73 yrs old
Occupation: Merchant
Father: James Warlick, Mother: Sallie Roach, Informant: S.A. Warlick, Radford, VA
DOD 3/19/1952 at 1:24am
Cause of death: Uremia due to hypertrophy of the prostate
Buried: 3/20/1952 in Alamance Memorial Park, Burlington, NC

SC Death Certificate #63 020437, Tessie Warlick White, DOD 12/22/1963 at 9 Railroad Ave, York, York County, SC (home)
Female, White, Married to George William White, DOB 3/9/1891 in York County, SC, 72 yrs old
Occupation: Textile
Father: James Warlick, Mother: Sallie Roach, Informant: G.W. White, York, SC
DOD 12/22/1963 at 12:05pm
Cause of death: Myocardial infarction (duration 10-15 mins) due to ASHP
buried: 12/24/1963 in Rose Hill Cemetery, York, SC

Cleo Warlick Wilson
BIRTH 4 Jul 1893
DEATH 29 Apr 1967 (aged 73)
BURIAL Lakeview Memory Gardens, Clover, York County, South Carolina, USA
PLOT Garden of the Cross
MEMORIAL ID 24570339

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Name: Cleo Wilson
Social Security Number: 251-01-****
Birth Date: 4 Jul 1894
Issue year: Before 1951
Issue State: South Carolina
Last Residence: 29745, York, York, South Carolina, USA
Death Date: Apr 1967

Mamie D Warlick McGinnis
BIRTH 6 Oct 1888, South Carolina, USA
DEATH 14 Jun 1967 (aged 78)
BURIAL Memorial Park Cemetery, Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, USA
MEMORIAL ID 84902485
--She married Robert A. McGinnis in 1908. They lived in York, SC, then Concord, NC, Randleman, NC, and had settled in Salisbury by 1930. They had 5 children: 1. Robert Carl, 2. Harry Bryson, 3. Mamie Rose, 4. James William, and 5. Thomas Charles McGinnis.

Eunice Pamela Warlick Ferguson
BIRTH 30 Jun 1899, South Carolina, USA
DEATH 29 Nov 1983 (aged 84), South Carolina, USA
BURIAL Rose Hill Cemetery, York, York County, South Carolina, USA
PLOT Section H
MEMORIAL ID 38805070

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Name: Eunice Ferguson
Social Security Number: 243-05-****
Birth Date: 30 Jun 1899
Issue year: Before 1951
Issue State: North Carolina
Last Residence: 29730, Rock Hill, York, South Carolina, USA
Death Date: Nov 1983

We are finished with the family data and now we get to the story about John Warlick. You will notice that I didn't put any information about his death.

JohnWarlickFortMillTimesFortMillSC7 20 1904Pg2 -
Fort Mill Times, Fort Mill, SC, 7/20/1904, Pg2
The following are at liberty on bonds to appear at court to answer to the charges mentioned:
John Warlick, charged with aiding prisoner to escape officers, York township

JohnWarlickattacksYorkvilleEnquirerYorkSC5 22 1906Pg2a -
JohnWarlickattachedYorkvilleEnquirerYorkSC5 22 1906Pg2b -
Yorkville Enquirer, York, SC, 5/22/1906, Pg 2
Mr. John Thompson an aged and respected Confederate veteran, who lives in the southwestern outskirts of Yorkville, was the innocent victim last Friday night of a murderous and unprovoked assault at the hands of a drunken desperado named John Warlick. From such facts as have been obtained, Mr. Thompson was walking quietly along toward his home. It was about dusk. Warlick came along behind him and gruffly ordered him to stop. He paid no attention to the order and Warlick proceeded to make an attack. The old man attempted to defend himself with a walking stick. Warlick seized the stick, knocked the old man down, and drawing his knife cut him severely. Mr. Thompson was taken to his home nearby and Warlick soon after disappeared. For several hours Friday night it was thought that the old man would die; but it is now understood that he is getting along very nicely. Warlick is said to be a well-behaved citizen when sober; but whenever he gets under the influence of whisky he becomes as dangerous as a maniac. The authorities have been doing what they could to arrest him; but up to this time have been unable to secure any satisfactory information as to his probably whereabouts.

JohnWarlickarrestedYorkvilleEnquirerYorkSC11 27 1906Pg2 -
JohnWarlickarrestedYorkvilleEnquirerYorkSC11 27 1906Pg2 -
Yorkville Enquirer, York, SC, 11/27/1906, Pg 2
Local Laconics
John Warlick Captured
Sheriff Brown received a telegram this morning from Officer L.R. Culp of Pineville, announcing the capture of John Warlick at that place. An officer has been sent after Warlick. Warlick is charged with having made an unprovoked attack upon Mr. John Thompson on the streets of Yorkville one night last spring.

JohnWarlickTheCharlotteObserverCharlotteNC4 7 1908Pg10 -

"Yorkville" is now York, York County, SC.

The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC, 4/7/1908, Pg 10, Details of The Shooting
Vile Epithet Causes Trouble
When cursed, in the Barber Shop, by Polk Warlick, Lawrence Marley went to get his brother to aid him-Polk's twin brother, Jefferson, mistaken for the fellow who cursed him-Pistol fired five times in quick succession-Sentiment is that Marley is legally guilty of murder-Jeff Warlick, the wounded man, expected to recover-A little girl narrowly escapes being burned to death
Yorkville, SC, April 6-While the main facts connected with the serious wounding of his brother, Jefferson Warlick, in a colored barber shop located at the corner of Main and Liberty streets, Yorkville, Saturday afternoon at about 5 o'clock, by Lawrence Marley, and wired by this correspondent, were correct, still by reason of the excitement and confusion incident to such an occurrence, several misstatements were made, the first being that the row that led up to the killing started between John Warlick and Marley; second, that Warlick attempted to thrash Marley, using his fists, before the latter fired; third, that Marley fired four shots and used a Colt's revolver, whereas the following is an outline of the whole occurrence as brought out at the inquest, and in order that the reader may better understand, the explanation is made that there were three Warlick brothers, John, Jefferson and Polk.
Facts In The Case
The Warlick boys worked in one of the local cotton mills, and as is the custom here the mill closed down Saturday at noon. Polk and Jefferson, twin brothers and strikingly similar in appearance, had gone to the barber shop for a shave. Polk was in the barber's chair being shaved when Lawrence Marley came in and the two commenced to joke each other, using epithets anything less than choice or pleasing to persons of refined tastes, when Warlick said to Marley that he was a __ __ __. The latter said, "I won't take that, but as there are two of you here I'll go and get my brother." He left and went up street and a few minutes later returned. When he entered the shop he saw Jefferson Warlick sitting in the shoeshiner's chair, having his shoes cleaned, and supposing him to be Polk drew a pistol and demanded that he retract the epithet previously applied. Just at this juncture John Warlick entered from a door opening on  East Liberty Street and about fifteen feet from where Marley was holding his pistol on Jefferson, and seeing the situation, called out: "Don't do that," and started towards Marley and his brother, when the former turned the pistol towards John Warlick and fired twice in quick succession and then turned on Jefferson and fired three times at him, thus emptying his pistol. At this juncture Polk Warlick came into the affair and without hesitancy at once attacked Marley and wrenched the pistol-an Ivey Johnson, 38 calibre, five shot-from him and proceeded to snap it at him three or four times, and finding it empty attacked him with his fists, when Marley attempted to get away, but was detained by Mr. William Rogers, who was occupying one of the barber chairs during the whole occurrence, and held by him until the arrival of Deputy Sheriff Fred Quin and Mr. W.S. Peters, constable for Magistrate Comer, who at once took him and locked him in jail.
As stated Saturday, John Warlick was shot twice, once either through or in the region of the heart and again through the bowels, and died in less than fifteen minutes, while Jefferson was shot in the side and through the fleshy part of the arm, near the shoulder.
Have Unsavory Reputations
While it is a fact that John Warlick, when drinking, was considered a dangerous character, it is also a fact that Lawrence Marley does not sustain a reputation much superior to that of Warlick, and although there is much sympathy here for the Marley family, still the sentiment seems to from the standpoint of laymen, that Marley is morally and legally guilty of murder and that such would be the verdict of a jury in any county where a verdict was rendered according to the law and evidence, but unfortunately York has not heretofore been one of those counties.
The remains of John Warlick were buried at Sharon today, he having been born and reared in that section.
The exact nature of the wound of Jefferson Warlick, in the side, is not known as yet, but the attending physician is of the opinion that unless blood poisoning develops he will recover.

JohnWarlickkilledYorkvilleEnquirerYorkSC4 7 1908Pg2 -
York Enquirer, York, SC, 4/7/1908, Pg 2 "Bloody Pistol Tragedy"
John Warlick killed, Jeff Warlick painfully wounded, and Lawrence Marley in jail awaiting trial on charge of murder is the net result of a bloody tragedy that occurred in the barber shop of Paul Means, colored, on the corner of Congress and Liberty streets, Yorkville, last Saturday afternoon.
Just what the row was about it has not been practicable to learn, and it is difficult also to get at exactly what happened and how. There were a number of people present and each is positive enough as to his story; but so great was the excitement of the situation and so quickly was it all over, that the stories of different witnesses conflict as to various details.
As to whether there was anything behind the row, has but vaguely appeared. There are some rumors that there was; but these rumors have not been developed, and will probably be a subject for later investigation. It was at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Messrs. Jeff and Polk Warlick were in the barbershop. Mr. Lawrence Marley came in and there developed a jangle between him and Mr. Polk Warlick. Others present paid no attention to what was going on. There was nothing in it to excite special interest it is said, until finally Polk Warlick applied to Marley an epithet that is generally supposed to call for blows. Marley remarked: "I can't fight you and your brother both; but I will go off and get my brother and come back."
About 7 or 10 minutes later, some say 15 minutes, Marley returned. Polk Warlick had gone out in the meantime, but his brother Jeff was in the barber's chair. Marley said to him, "Now you may call me what you want to," and Warlick replied that he did not want to call him anything. Then John Warlick, who had not participated previously, came in the side door. One statement has it that Marley had already drawn his pistol, and John Warlick ordered him "not to anything like that." Another statement has it that overhearing Marley's remark to Jeff, John replied, "Yes, call him a s__ of a b__ or anything else you want to." But whatever was said, the firing commenced immediately. Marley fired two shots at John and then turned his pistol on Jeff, who was still in the chair. both of the Warlicks were making for Marley, and a scuffle ensued. About that time, Polk Warlick returned and joined in the affray. He jerked the revolver out of Marley's hand and snapped it all round; but it was already empty and threw it away. Marley started to leave; but Wm. Rogers caught hold of him and insisted that he remain. Deputy Sheriff Quinn and Constable Peters were both in the court house, across the street and coming to the scene at once they took charge of Marley and carried him to jail.
Shortly after being shot, John Warlick sank down and expired within about 5 minutes. His body lay on the street for perhaps half an hour when Coroner Louthian had it moved to one of the offices in the court house. Jeff Warlick, though pretty badly wounded was able to walk to the office of Drs. White and Kell, where his wounds were dressed. He had been shot twice, once in the arm and once in the left side. The doctors were unable to say at the time what the outcome would be; but thought he would get well. Marley was scratched and bruised in the scuffle but was not seriously hurt.
The pistol used by Marley was a 38 calibre Iver Johnson. There was no evidence at the coroner's inquest as to where he got it. Several street stories were to different effect. One was that he had the weapon in his pocket from the beginning, another that he went out and borrowed it; but the most likely one seems to be that he went to his home in the Lockmore mill village and got it-that it was his own property.
Marley has a wife and several children. He is a housepainter by trade and his reputation for proper behavior has been very good except when under the influence of whiskey. Then he was considered to be a dangerous citizen. People who saw him shortly before the killing say that he appeared to be sober, after the killing his condition was described as one of great excitement. John Warlick, who was killed was a desperate character when drinking. He is the man who was sent to the penitentiary for six months for beating up Mr. John Thompson some time ago. He has been in trouble with the authorities quite frequently. Jeff and Polk Warlick have the reputation of being steady, hardworking mill operatives, not inclined to provoke trouble unnecessarily.
The tragedy, of course, created considerable excitement in Yorkville. A number of people rushed to the scene of the shooting while it was going on but as most of them realized the danger they were in of stopping a stray bullet, they got out of the way as soon as possible. There half a dozen or more people in the barbershop when the shooting commenced; but they also got out in short order. William Rogers remained to the end as stated.

JohnWarlickkilleFortMillsTimesFortMillSC4 9 1908Pg2 -
Fort Mills Times, Fort Mill, SC, 4/9/1908, Pg 2, "Killing At Yorkville"
The daily papers of Sunday told of a shooting scrape in a barber shop at Yorkville Saturday afternoon the result of which is that John Warlick is dead, his brother, Jeff, is painfully though not seriously wounded, and Lawrence Marley is in jail charged with murder. All are young white men.
The exact facts connected with the occurrence were not available at that time as statements secured from various persons supposed to know conflict but the most generally repeated story follows: Lawrence Marley, John, James and Jeff Warlick were in the the barber shop when Marley and John Warlick, between whom, it is said, bad blood previously existed, became involved in a quarrel when Warlick applied a vile epithet to Marley. The latter left the shop and shortly afterwards returned and asked Warlick if he meant to say he, Marley, was so and so. Warlick repeated the former epithet, and made for Marley, using his fists freely, and at this juncture the latter drew a pistol and commenced to shoot. When he finished four shots had been fired and John Warlick lay dying and Jeff was supposed to be mortally wounded.
John Warlick was shot either through or in the the region of the heart and through the bowels and was dead in less than fifteen minutes after receiving the wound. Jeff Warlick was shot in the side, the ball being subsequently extracted by Dr. Kell, and through the fleshy part of the arm.
John Warlick, the dead man, recently finished serving a short term in the penitentiary, having been convicted for beating an old and comparatively helpless Confederate soldier in a most brutal manner.
The Warlick boys worked in the cotton mills. Marley is a house painter by trade and a son of a respectable and well thought of family living near town. It is said that Marley secured the pistol with which he did the shooting when he left Warlick after the first quarrel. It is a 44 calibre six shot Colt's.

JohnWarlicksdeathYorkvilleEnquirerYorkSC7 14 1908Pg2 -
Yorkville Enquirer, York, SC, 7/15/1908, Pg 2
The next case taken up was that of the State vs. Lawrence Marley, charged with the murder of John Warlick in Yorkville on April 4, last. The defendant is represented by Thomas F. McDow, Esq., assisted by John R. Hart. Esq. The jury is as follows: R. H. Cornwell, foreman; J.E. Youngblood, D.F. Jackson, J.A. Forsythe, E.L. McElhaney, M.S. Carroll, W.W. Whitesides, V.B. Blankenship, J.J. Ormand, B.F. Bennett, J.M. Campbell, J.L. Garrison.
The case will probably take up the balance of the afternoon.

JohnWarlickkilledYorkvilleEnquirerYorkSC7 17 1908Pg2 -
Yorkville Enquirer, York, SC, 7/17/1908, Pg 2
General Sessions
When the last issue of The Enquirer went to press on Tuesday afternoon, the court was engaged in the trial of Lawrence Marley charged with the murder of John Warlick on the fourth of April last.
The facts developed in this trial were substantially as published in The Enquirer at the time, except that testimony of the defendant was to the effect that he did not leave the scene of the original difficulty for the purpose of getting a pistol; but that he had his pistol on his person all the while. He also testified that he did not fire on the Warlicks until they attacked him, and claimed that John and Jeff Warlick were both on top of him when he commenced shooting. The defendant's testimony in this regard was corroborated by one outside witness. It was shown that all three of the Warlicks were drinking whisky during the afternoon. The main facts as to the killing were that Marley and the Warlicks had an angry dispute in which vile epithets were exchanged. Marley left with the declaration that he would return with his brother and be on more equal terms. He was gone from ten to twenty minutes, the time being a matter of guesswork on the part of witnesses. Immediately upon his return, he renewed the difficulty with Jeff Warlick, who had not been a party to the original trouble, and the shooting commenced within a few moments. The defendant's testimony was to the effect that when he left, one of the Warlicks had invited him to return and gave him to understand that if he did not return they would get him later. Polk and Jeff Warlick denied this. The defendant admitted that he expected a renewal of the trouble on his return. The testimony in the case was concluded Tuesday afternoon. The jury was cautioned as usual not to discuss the case; but was allowed its freedom until Wednesday morning, when Judge Gage delivered his charge. After speeches by counsel, the jury took the papers, remained out about two hours and returned with verdicts of "guilty of manslaughter" as to the first count in the indictment and "guilty" as to the second count which was carrying concealed weapons. The jury was divided in it's opinion as to whether it should find for murder without recommendation, murder with recommendation, or manslaughter, and it is said that one vote stood six to six between murder with a recommendation to mercy and manslaughter. The jurymen did not believe the testimony that the defendant had his pistol in his pocket at the commencement of the the difficulty, nor that John and Polk Warlick were on top of the defendant when the defendant commenced shooting. At the request of the defendant's counsel, Judge Gage deferred sentence pending an opportunity to secure the signing of petitions asking for leniency. One such petition was signed by all the jurymen and another was circulated among the people of the town. The petition circulated in the town was signed by a number of people, but some people to whom it was presented refused to sign it. In sentencing the defendant, Judge  Gage referred to the petitions and expressed some doubt as to how much deference he should give them. He indicated, however, that they had had their weight with him., and said that if there was a mistake the signers of the petition would have to share the responsibility. The sentence of the court was that the defendant be confined at hard labor on the public works of the county or in the state penitentiary for a period of seven years.

JohnWarlicksdeathFortMillTimesFortMillSC7 23 1908Pg2 -
Fort Mill Times, Fort Mill, SC, 7/23/1908, Pg 2
Guilty of manslaughter and carrying concealed weapons was the verdict returned by the jury in the case of Lawrence Marley, charged with the murder of John Warlick on April 4th. The sentence of the court was that the defendant be confined at hard labor on the public roads of the county or in the State penitentiary for a period of seven years.

JohnWarlickYorkvilleEnquirerYorkSC3 28 1911Pg2 -
Yorkville Enquirer, York, SC, 3/28/1911, Pg 2, "Lawrence G. Marley Paroled"
Governor Blease has paroled Lawrence G. Marley of York county, who killed John Warlick in Yorkville on April 4, 1908, and who after trial before Judge Gage in July of the same year, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to seven years at hard labor in the state penitentiary. The killing took place in the building on the corner of Congress and Liberty streets, then as now, used as a barber shop. Marley was released from the penitentiary last  Friday, with the understanding that he is to continue in the enjoyment of his liberty during good behavior.

Lawrence Grier Marley, Sr. was born 3/27/1887 in York County, SC to Benjamin Franklin Marley and Margaret "Mag" Jane Benson.

1900 U.S. Census of  York, York County, South Carolina; Page: 6; Enumeration District: 0097; FHL microfilm: 1241545, Lines 19-28, "Benjamin F. Marley"
Benjamin F. Marley, Head, W(hite), M(ale), Born Sept, 1857, 42 yrs old, Married 21 years, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Farmer, Can read and write, Rents farm
Margaret J. Marley, Wife, W, F, Born Sept, 1857, 42 yrs old, Married 21 yr, 9 children with 8 still living, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Can read and write
Mattie Marley, Daughter, W, F, Born June, 1879, 20 yrs old, Single, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Dressmaker, Can read and write
George W. Marley, Son, W, M, Born July, 1881, 18 yrs old, Single, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Day Laborer, Can read and write
Henry D. Marley, Son, W, M, Born Mar, 1885, 15 yrs old, Single, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Day Laborer, Can read and write
Lawrence Marley, Son, W, M, Born Mar, 1886, 14 yrs old, Single, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Hurbert Marley, Son, W, M, Born July, 1887, 12 yrs old, Single, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Leroy Marley, Son, W, M, Born Mar, 1894, 6 yrs old, Born in SC, Both parents born in NC
Carrie Marley, Daughter, W, F, Born Apr, 1896, 4 yrs old, Born in SC, Both parents born in NC
Walter Marley, Son, W, M, Born May 1899, 1 yrs old, Born in SC, Both parents born in NC

He married Estell Comer (DOB Abt. 1888 in SC; DOD 3/2/1954 in Charlotte, NC of bronchopneumonia due to carcinoma of the breast). They had:

  • Carl Frank Marley (DOB 7/19/1905 in York County, SC; DOD 1/22/1958 in Mecklenburg Sanatorium, Huntersville, Mecklenburg County, NC of bronchogenic carcinoma) WWII veteran
  • Henry Lawrence Marley (DOB 5/26/1908 in York County, SC; DOD 8/4/1967 in Mercy Hospital, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC of cancer of the lung)
  • Lawrence Greer Marley, Jr. (DOB 11/17/1914 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC; DOD 10/28/1931 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC in an automobile accident, fractured skull)
  • Mary Margaret Marley (DOB 4/23/1917 in Mecklenburg County, NC; DOD 10/10/2007 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC) married John Astor Earnheart.
  • Infant Marley (DOB About 11/1918; DOD 3/29/1919)
  • Marion Lee Marley, Sr. (DOB 8/30/1921 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC; DOD 5/14/2004 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC)
  • Elizabeth Dorothy Marley (DOB /9/1924 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC; DOD ? in ?) married Cecil Artus Howell.

1910 U.S. Census of SC State Penitentiary, Gist Street, Columbia Ward 3, Richland County, South Carolina; Roll: T624_1471; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 0084; FHL microfilm: 1375484, Line 93, "Lawrence Marley"
Lawrence Marley, Prisoner, M(ale), W(hite), 23 yrs old (DOB 1887), Married 6 yrs (DOM 1904), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Laborer on farm, Can read and write

MarleyLawrenceYorkvilleEnquirerYorkSC9 15 1911Pg1 -
Yorkville Enquirer, York, SC, 9/15/1911, Pg 1, Paroles
Lawrence G. Marley, York-Manslaughter; seven years

1920 U.S. Census of Seigle St, Charlotte Ward 6, Mecklenburg, North Carolina; Roll: T625_1309; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 149, Lines 73-78, "Lawrence G. Marley"
Lawrence G. Marley, Head, Rents home, M(ale), W(hite), 32 yrs old, Married, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in NC, Painter contractor
Estelle Marley, Wife, F, W, 32 yrs old, Married, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Carl F. Marley, Son, M, W, 14 yrs old, Attends school, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Henry L. Marley, Son, M, W, 11 yrs old, Attends school, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Lawrence G. Marley, Jr., M, W, 5 yrs old, Born in NC, Both parents born in SC
Mary M. Marley, Daughter, F, W, 2 yrs old, Born in NC, Both parents born in SC

1930 U.S. Census of Broadway Avenue, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 0041; FHL microfilm: 2341440, Lines 72-77, "Larence Y. Morley" (sic, Lawrence G. Marley)
Larence Y. Morley, Head, Owns home valued at $2,500, M(ale), W(hite), 43 yrs old, Married 17 yrs, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in NC, Painter contractor
Estelle Morley, Wife, F, W, 43 yrs old, Married 17 yrs, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Larence J. Morley Jr, Son, M, W, 15 yrs old, Single, Attends school, Born in NC, Both parents born in SC
Margret Morley, Daughter, F, W, 12 yrs old, Single, Attends school, Born in NC, Both parents born in SC
Marion Morley, Son, M, W, 7 yrs old, Attends school, Born in NC, Both parents born in SC
Elizabeth Morley, Daughter, F, W, 6 yrs old, Born in NC, Both parents born in SC

1940 U.S. Census of Ingle Street, Chadwick-Hoskins, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; Roll: m-t0627-02944; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 60-75, Lines 39-40 next page Lines 41-43, "L.G. Marley"
L.G. Marley, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 54 yrs old, Married, Attended school thru 7th grade, Born in SC, Lived in same place in 1935, No occupation or income
Estelle Marley, Wife, F, W, 54 yrs old, Married, Attended school thru 8th grade, Born in SC, Lived in the same place in 1935
Henry Marley, Son, M, W, 32 yrs old, Single, Attended school thru 9th grade, Born in SC, Lived in same place in 1935, Paint Contractor, Income $1,200
Marion Marley, Son, M, W, 18 yrs old, Single, Attended high school 4 yrs, Born in NC, Lived in same place in 1935, New worker
Elizabeth Marley, Daughter, F, W, 16 yrs old, Single, Attends school, Attended high school 2 yrs so far, Born in NC, Lived in same place in 1935

NC Death Certificate #2785, Registration District #60-00, Local #183, Lawrence Grier Marley, DOD 1/23/1973 at Hart Drive, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC (at home)
Male, White, Widowed, DOB 3/27/1887 in York County, SC, 85 yrs old
Occupation: Retired Paint Contractor
Father: Ben Marley, Mother: Unknown, Informant: Marion L. Marley, Son, 6321 Woodland Circle, Charlotte, NC
DOD 1/23/1973 at 8:48am
Cause of death: Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease
Buried: 1/24/1973 in Rose Hill Cemetery, York, SC

Yorkville Enquirer, York, SC, 12/30/1910, Pg 2
Mr. John Thompson, a gallant old Confederate veteran, went to his grave near Cheraw a few days ago believing firmly that he fired the shot that killed General Stonewall Jackson. He was on duty the night Jackson was killed, and his sentry was right near where Jackson fell. He has often said that he fired his gun several times that night at the enemy, and that he believed one of the bullets hit his beloved leader. Mr. Thompson was a brave soldier and suffered many wounds. He received three wounds on the day following the shooting of Jackson. One bullet from the enemy hit him in the forehead, and even until his dying day there was a large hole there to attest the terrible wound. When he regained consciousness after being shot down he discovered the woods around him on fire. He managed to drag himself, bit by bit to a place of safety. Mr. Thompson's eyes would fill with tears when he spoke of the possibility of his having killed Jackson. It preyed on his mind at times to such an extent that he couldn't sleep. He passed many restless nights. This gallant old warrior now sleeps in a cemetery in Chesterfield county.

John Thompson (10/7/1841 in NC; DOD 12/12/1910 in Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC, buried Old Saint David's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC). Married Mary Jane Boysworth. He was in C.S.A. NC 14th Infantry Regiment. They were at Chancellorsville in the battle in May, 1863 and General Stonewall Jackson was shot by friendly fire there. He lost his arm and then died 8 days later. But it is thought the shot came from a sentry with the NC 18th Infantry. In the 1910 U.S. Census, John Thompson is listed as Deputy Sheriff in Cheraw. Could it be that he'd had trouble with John Warlick in that capacity and that was the cause of the attack? I couldn't find any further information.

If you any corrections or further information, contact me at Moms25dogs@gmail.com.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Proverbs 3:31-35

Proverbs 3:31-35 (KJV) 31 Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways.
32 For the froward is abomination to the LORD: but his secret is with the righteous.
33 The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the just.
34 Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly.
35 The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.

Proverbs 3:31-35 (NIV) 31 Do not envy the violent
or choose any of their ways.
32 For the Lord detests the perverse
but takes the upright into his confidence.
33 The Lord’s curse is on the house of the wicked,
but he blesses the home of the righteous.
34 He mocks proud mockers
but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.
35 The wise inherit honor,
but fools get only shame.

Proverbs 3:31-35 (NLT) 31 Don’t envy violent people
or copy their ways.
32 Such wicked people are detestable to the LORD,
but he offers his friendship to the godly.
33 The LORD curses the house of the wicked,
but he blesses the home of the upright.
34 The LORD mocks the mockers
but is gracious to the humble.
35 The wise inherit honor,
but fools are put to shame!

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
envy - תְּ֭קַנֵּא (qanah, tə·qan·nê) - Verb - Piel - Imperfect - second person masculine singular
Strong's Hebrew 7065: To be, zealous, jealous, envious

a violent - חָמָ֑ס (chamas, ḥā·mās) - Noun - masculine singular
Strong's Hebrew 2555: Violence, wrong

or choose - תִּ֝בְחַ֗ר (bachar, tiḇ·ḥar) - Verb - Qal - Imperfect - second person masculine singular
Strong's Hebrew 977: To try, select

of his ways - דְּרָכָֽיו׃ (derek, də·rā·ḵāw) - Noun - common plural construct | third person masculine singular
Strong's Hebrew 1870: A road, a course of life, mode of action
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon adds: the direction, path of their moral character and actions

"Whether public or private, the man who “grinds the faces of the poor” by severity and extortion, may succeed, may prosper; may, by this means, amass a fortune, and rise to still higher honour. He is not to be envied; not only because envy is in itself wrong, but also because there is really nothing in his character and career to produce it. His prosperity is not to be envied even by the poorest and most suffering victim of his oppression. And while he is not to be envied, far less are his ways to be imitated for the sake of obtaining the envied results--the same wealth, the same greatness, the same power." - R. Wardlaw, D.D., The Biblical Illustrator, Proverbs 3:31

Let's look at a biblical example of someone who opposed God. First a little background will open your eyes.

Edom means "red" and the Edomites descended from Esau, one of the twins born to Isaac and Rebecca. He was the eldest by mere minutes. But he sold his birthright to his twin, Jacob, for "red pottage". Esau means "hairy" or "rough". He was red headed and hairy and became a hunter. Jacob was talked into deceiving old, blind Isaac by his mother. They conspired to claim Isaac's blessing meant for his firstborn son, Esau. Thus Jacob became the head of the family, spiritual leader and the heir to the promises of Abraham. When Esau finds out, he was furious and wanted to kill Jacob but Rebecca tells Jacob to run away. This left Isaac's wealth to Esau to manage. Jacob pays for his deception by spending many years away and serving his father-in-law, Laban, and all the drama from his marriages to Laban's two daughters, Leah and Rachel. When he finally goes back home, he and Esau are reconciled. He apologizes and gives Esau gifts and Esau tries to refuse the gifts and forgives him. Esau married two Canaanite women to the dismay of his parents AND one of the daughters of his Uncle Ishmael (Isaac's half brother). He may also have been the ancestor of the Kenizzites and the Amalekites. The Edomites, Kenizzites and Amalekites were all enemies of Israel much later.

Next we will look at some scripture:

Matthew 1:18-25 18 This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged in marriage to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be with Child through the Holy Spirit. 19 Because Joseph her husband was a righteous man and was unwilling to disgrace her publicly, he resolved to divorce her quietly.
20 But after he had pondered these things, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to embrace Mary as your wife, for the One conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. 21 She will give birth to a Son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus,d because He will save His people from their sins.”
22 All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet:
23 “Behold, the virgin will be with child
and will give birth to a son,
and they will call Him Immanuel”
(which means, “God with us”).
24 When Joseph woke up, he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him, and embraced Mary as his wife. 25 But he had no union with her until she gave birth to a Son. And he gave Him the name Jesus.
Matthew 2:1-21 1 After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, 2 asking, “Where is the One who has been born King of the Jews? We saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”
3 When King Herod heard this, he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. 4 When he had assembled all the chief priests and scribes of the people, he inquired where the Christ was to be born.
5 “In Bethlehem in Judea,” they replied, “for this is what the prophet has written:
6 ‘But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah,
are by no means least among the rulers of Judah,
for out of you will come a ruler
who will be the shepherd of My people Israel.’”
7 Then Herod called the Magi secretly and learned from them the exact time the star had appeared. 8 And sending them to Bethlehem, he said: “Go and search carefully for the Child, and when you find Him, report to me, so that I too may go and worship Him.”
9 After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen in the east went ahead of them until it stood over the place where the Child was. 10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with great delight. 11 On coming to the house, they saw the Child with His mother Mary, and they fell down and worshiped Him. Then they opened their treasures and presented Him with gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh.
12 And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they withdrew to their country by another route.
13 When the Magi had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. “Get up!” he said. “Take the Child and His mother and flee to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the Child to kill Him.”
14 So he got up, took the Child and His mother by night, and withdrew to Egypt, 15 where he stayed until the death of Herod. This fulfilled what the Lord had spoken through the prophet: “Out of Egypt I called My Son.”
16 When Herod saw that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was filled with rage. Sending orders, he put to death all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, according to the time he had learned from the Magi. 17 Then what was spoken through the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled:
18 “A voice is heard in Ramah,
weeping and great mourning,
Rachel weeping for her children,
and refusing to be comforted,
because they are no more.”
19 After Herod died, an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt. 20 “Get up!” he said. “Take the Child and His mother and go to the land of Israel, for those seeking the Child’s life are now dead.
21 So Joseph got up, took the Child and His mother, and went to the land of Israel.

The man we are going to look at is King Herod. Herod was born in southern Palestine. His father, Antipater, was an Edomite. Antipater had power, wealth and married the daughter of a noble from Petra (in southwestern Jordan), at that time the capital of the rising Arab Nabataean kingdom. Thus, Herod was of Arab origin, although he was a practicing Jew.

Antipater supported Pompey's (106–48 B.C.) invasion of Palestine in 63 B.C. in which he benefited greatly from the Roman association. Herod would meet Mark Anthony and become his lifelong friend. Julius Caesar also favored the family and he made Antipater and his family Roman citizens and procurator of Judaea in 47 B.C. Antipater appointed Herod Governor of Galilee, then tetrarch of Galilee. In 40 B.C., the Parthians invaded Palestine, Herod fled to Rome. He was made King of Judaea, given an army and he went back to take his throne. At the age of 36 he became King of Judaea and ruled 37 yrs. He increased his land and built massive fortresses, great cities and a splendid palace. He built the largest artificial harbor and the famous Masada (as a refuge for himself in case of revolt). He also rebuilt the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, called Herod's Temple. Herod was a political survivor. When civil war broke out in Rome between his friend, Mark Anthony, and Octavian, Herod first sided with Anthony and his ally, Cleopatra VII, queen of Egypt. But when Octavian (later known as Caesar Augustus) defeated Anthony and Cleopatra, Herod switched sides.

Herod was violent, cruel and mentally unstable. Herod suffered throughout his lifetime from depression and paranoia. He was distrustful, jealous, and feared conspiracy. So he ruthlessly crushed any potential opposition. The Jews never accepted him as their legitimate king, and this infuriated him. He was deeply in love with his second wife, Mariamne I, but his sister, Salome, poisoned his mind against her and he murdered Mariamne, their two sons, her mother, brother, and grandfather. He had 9 other wives and had 14 children. He disinherited and killed his firstborn son, Antipater. He killed another wife as well. So, although he would not eat pork, he would kill two of his own wives and three sons.

Herod died in Jericho, after an excruciatingly painful, rotting illness of uncertain cause, known as "Herod's Evil". Josephus states that the pain of his illness led Herod to attempt suicide by stabbing. He died unmourned and hated.

What Killed King Herod? Scholars At VA Health Care System/ Um School Of Medicine Conference Unravel The 2,000 Year-Old Mystery
Date: January 28, 2002
"Herod the Great expired from chronic kidney disease probably complicated by Fournier’s gangrene," according to the medical investigative work of Jan Hirschmann, M.D., staff physician at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System and professor of medicine at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine.
"The texts that we depend on for a close description of Herod’s last days list several major features of the disease that caused his death—among them, intense itching, painful intestinal problems, breathlessness, convulsions in every limb, and gangrene of the genitalia," says Hirschmann.
Some have said it was complications of gonorrhea but... "I finally concluded that the most likely explanation was that his chronic kidney disease was complicated by an unusual infection of the male genitalia called Fournier’s gangrene," explains Dr. Hirschmann.

Why am I going into such detail about Herod the Great when we are in Proverbs 3? Because Herod the Great was a violent person who had great power, position, wealth. But Proverbs 3 says,
31 Don’t envy violent people
or copy their ways.
32 Such wicked people are detestable to the LORD,
but he offers his friendship to the godly.
33 The LORD curses the house of the wicked,
but he blesses the home of the upright.

Is this not an apt description of Herod the Great? He was detestable to the Lord and He cursed the house of this wicked king. Although he had it all, he had no peace throughout his lifetime and died a horrible, putrefying, rotting death. He was in so much physical and mental pain he tried to commit suicide. But God didn't let him succeed. He had to feel the pain to the end and no telling what his eternal life is.

There are many men and women who use violence to get what they want. It may be a bully in the schoolyard, a rapist stalking women, a pedophile stalking children, a politician using his power to get rich, a gang member or drug dealer, a mafia gangster, a national leader who puts out hits, or a ruthless CEO of a corporation. And there are always those on the outside watching and wishing they could have what the violent people have. They are wannabes. They are envious, covetous, jealous, greedy, conspirers and schemers. But, if they were somehow able to assume the life of the one they want to emulate, they would find it doesn't make them happy. They would find the misery that await all who practise such evil. Would you really want to be Herod the Great? With all his wealth and power, his personal life was a horror and who knows about his eternal life? Would you sell your soul for a bowl of pottage? Really? Those who oppose God and do evil, will suffer.

The definition of froward is willful disobedience. The Old English root of froward is frāward, "turning away from," or the opposite of toward. A person who is willfully contrary, hard to manage, obstinate, perverse, petulant, averse, disobedient, ungovernable, not willing to yield or comply, always in opposition. Someone who is always bucking the system, someone who cannot go with the flow in the right direction.

There are times when we need people who buck the system and refuse to go with the crowd. If everyone is running over a cliff, you can be the one perverse person who refuses and runs away from the cliff. When someone is telling you to do the wrong thing and you refuse and insist on doing the right thing... good for you! They may get frustrated and angry with you but you were stubborn and stood your ground for the right thing! We can be stubborn as long as it's being stubborn for God!

But in this verse, "froward" is not meant as a good thing. Other translations use the words perverse, perverted, wicked, devious, evil, dishonest, one who goes astray, crooked, fraudulent, a transgressor. It means bucking God's system, refusing to obey God, unwilling to submit to God, disobedient to God, averse and contrary to God, fighting God, opposing God. Sometimes I think God is trying to keep us from destruction but we fight him every step of the way. Like the girl, in the gif below, fighting the man who is trying to keep her from doing something stupid.

"For the froward is abomination to the LORD."

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
detests - תוֹעֲבַ֣ת (toebah, ṯō·w·‘ă·ḇaṯ) - Noun - feminine singular construct
Strong's Hebrew 8441: Something disgusting, an abhorrence, idolatry, an idol
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon adds: it's an abomination to God and His people.

Sometimes translated as loathsome, detestable, an abomination.

Loathsome - causing feelings of loathing; disgusting; revolting; repulsive
Detestable - disgusting, hateful or awful; used to refer to people or things that you hate very much; you dislike so much that you can't stand to think about it
Abomination - something regarded with disgust or hatred

Willful disobedience, opposing God, resisting Him, pushing Him away, walking contrary to Him is loathsome, detestable and an abomination to Him. Why? Because God is everything holy, pure, and righteous while a froward person is the opposite. Our sins push us away from Him and we turn our backs on Him. We run from Him, push away from Him, turn our face away from Him when we are froward. Rebelliously, willfully, and callously sinning. The end is death and eternal damnation for the unsaved. For the saved, who are behaving frowardly, it diminishes your rewards in eternity and stunts your spiritual growth here. So the consequences of a froward person is very destructive, to Christians or the unsaved. God loves and created each human being and He sent His Son, who died on the cross to save us from the destruction and judgment of sin. We are hurting ourselves needlessly. We can be saved. We can be cleansed and set free from sin. We don't have to walk in sin or be in bondage to sin. If we are, it's our own fault because God has provided the way to be free.

So God hates the sin that we fall into. He doesn't hate us. He loves us enough to hate what hurts us and is so destructive in our lives. He hates the sin that will result in judgment and eternal damnation to creatures He lovingly created. If you aren't saved through Jesus Christ, then you are risking judgment and eternal damnation. But you don't have to be at risk, take ahold of Jesus Christ! No matter what you've done, Jesus Christ can forgive you. No matter how loathsome, detestable or abominable your sins, God still loves YOU and Jesus Christ can forgive all sin. The ONLY sin that is unpardonable is the sin of rejecting Jesus Christ.

God hates the sin because it's destroying His precious child, YOU! He loves you and He's trying to help you. But, maybe you are resisting Him, opposing Him, pushing Him away, turning your face stubbornly from Him.

Like a child having a temper tantrum, pushing away the very parent who would give his life for his child. If you have children, you know what I mean. You conceived them, carried them, birthed them, fed them, diapered their butts, provided clothing, food, shelter, medical care. You stayed up with them when they were sick. You enrolled them in classes and sports. You paid for the equipment, took them to every practise, went to every game. You've held them when they cried and had hurt feelings. You've laughed with them when they made jokes. But then they hit the terrible twos or the questioning fives or the I-wanna-do-it elementary school age or the defiant teens. No matter how good of a parent you are, or how good a child you have, at some point they will exert their independence and push you away in a big ole temper tantrum and scream, "I HATE YOU! I WISH YOU WEREN'T MY PARENTS! YOU DON'T WANT ME TO HAVE ANY FUN!"

You know how we know that? Because we did it. And our children will do it. And our grandchildren will do it. When it happens, it's so shocking to the loving parent who has arranged their whole lives around the care and love of their children. It's an arrow to the heart that wounds deeply. Most parents, of course, are adult enough to understand this is just a stage of immaturity. But some poor parents have children that never grow out of that stage. And some poor children have parents that are so immature themselves they can't handle those childhood stages in a mature and understanding way and make poor parenting decisions.

God has children who never grow out of their stage of rebellion against Him. No matter what He does, or has done, to save them, they hate Him. Despite trying to save them from sin and eternal damnation, it's like trying to hold on to a slithering eel greased in oil. They are determined to go their own way to destruction. God hates that! He loves the person He created, but He hates that sin is more important to that person even if it means eternal damnation.

One time I was visiting my niece and her husband and son, who was a toddler then (and they hadn't had their other 3 children). She took me, her son and her mother-in-law shopping but Brett was not in the mood for whatever reason. Maybe he was tired, hungry, cranky, didn't feel well, who knows at that age? As his parent, my niece is, and was, a great parent and parents can generally tell when something isn't working but we had driven quite a ways to go to this shop. We get to the door of the store and he (at 2 yrs old) throws a tantrum. He starts screaming, throws himself on the floor, kicking. She calmly picks him up and carries him kicking and screaming into the store (I actually have a picture! LOL!). I'm sure she was thinking she could attend to his need, whatever it is, if we can just get in the door and out of the cold. If he was tired, maybe a stroller ride and nap. If he was hungry, we could buy a snack or drink. If he was needing the bathroom, one is in the stoor. So she tried it all and nothing was working. She checked his face for paleness and his forehead to see if he had a fever. Nope. He was just in a bad mood. (I happen to have a husband who is 65 years old and he can be the same way, just in a bad mood and contrary no matter what.) We had to turn around and go back home. He fell asleep in the car seat from exhausting himself. He didn't get a toy, a treat, a candy because he was too busy having a temper tantrum. You know as the only child on that trip, with his mother, his grandmother and his great aunt, he could have gotten anything he wanted but he was too busy having a tantrum and missed the blessings he could have had. He made the trip miserable for everyone and we had to cut it short. All for what? Because he was being froward. Did any of us hate him? Of course not! We adore him. Were we disappointed that we couldn't do our shopping trip? Yes. Was my niece embarrassed? Yes. Did she hate to see him behave that way? Yes. But she still loved him and loves him and will always love him. It's the same way with God. He hates to see us self destructing, missing blessings and throwing away a perfectly good life for sin. But He loves us and He always will.

  • Did someone come to your mind when we talked about a violent person who may seem to have it all?
  • Have you ever envied someone and then found out how very terrible their life was due to their sin?
  • Have you ever seen a person self-destruct due to sin(s)? They had it all, but lost it all?
  • Have you ever seen the movies or read about Pablo Escobar, the originator of the first drug cartel? Some portray him as a Robin Hood because he did use his massive influx of drug money to do some good things. People may be envious of his money and the power he had. But the backstory is that he used violence to claw his way to the top of the heap and it was by violence that he became a multi-billionaire on Forbes List and it was by violence he survived as long as he did and it was by violence that he died at just 44 yrs old. The backstory that people forget is how many people he tortured and killed, how many people were enslaved to cocaine because of his "business", how sexually perverted this adulterer was and how mentally ill and paranoid he became due to his lifestyle of constant and continuous sin. For him, ordering people to be killed was like ordering scrambled eggs for breakfast. When you learn what his life was really like, behind the facade money gave him, it might make you think. He was hated, hunted, a fugitive from the law, his country and from every other drug lord wannabe. He had to have escape routes, bodyguards and security teams every moment of every day. He lived a double life with a wife and two children, throwing parties with pinatas full of dollar bills. But then would order people killed and give rewards for every policeman killed. "The LORD curses the house of the wicked, but he blesses the home of the upright."
  • Have you ever seen your sins as being self destructive? Did you realize that God doesn't hate you because of your sins, but He hates what sin is doing to someone He loves so dearly?
  • Have you ever thought you have sinned to badly that God must hate you? That you are an abomination to Him? I hope you have now come to realize that no sin is so bad that Jesus can't forgive and cleanse and He loves you. You may be so bad that no human being could ever forgive you, but God can. Don't throw away your chance to be forgiven, loved and have eternal life.
  • If you are a Christian, had you realized that when you choose sin over God, you are being froward? And how self destructive it is?
  • God gave us everything we need to live a Christian life. It is our own doing when we sin. It is our rebellion against God. We are saved but we are giving into sin and letting it rule our lives and cause destruction. Repent and accept His forgiveness, His love and His help (through the Holy Spirit that indwells in you). You may always have a weakness towards a particular sin but you don't always have to give in to it and become enslaved by it. The Holy Spirit can enable you to withstand temptation. But every time you give in to it, it becomes that much harder to be free. Not because it's harder for the Holy Spirit, but because your heart becomes harder and more stubborn.

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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Black Rifle Coffee

Stan and I love a good coffee. We prefer a smooth taste and not the ultra strong, bitter coffee that some seem to like. We personally never liked Starbucks coffee. To us it tastes like they've taken old cigar butts and steeped them in hot water and then sold it as "coffee". Then Starbucks went all liberal weirdo on everyone so I buy nothing of theirs, not even their chai tea which was the one thing I liked. It wasn't a hardship as it's too expensive and their product is crap.

Lately, there was a controversy about a policeman picking up cups of coffee (for himself and other officers) with a receipt on which was written "Pig". The story is viral and the employee who allegedly did it, and who thought he/she was being so funny, probably lost his/her job. When that person is in trouble, who do they call? It ain't Starbucks, it's the police they just insulted! Starbucks has apologized on behalf of the company.

But, I've wasted too much time on Starbucks. What I wanted to do was promote a company that makes an exceptional coffee product and is veteran owned, Black Rifle Coffee. Today, I saw the news that this company donated their coffee product to the precinct that had been insulted. Made me like them even more! When I went to their company website to send an email in appreciation, I saw they have a Coffee Club. It's cheaper than buying it on Amazon which was where I was buying it. Obviously I joined.

We have an active duty Air Force nephew and one who was in the Air Force and now is fulltime active duty Air National Guard. When I saw the Facebook ad for Black Rifle, I messaged them and asked if they had ever tried it. I got a big thumbs up so I ordered us some and we love the Silencer Smooth (SS). I started buying it regularly and also buying the AK47 for gifts. I have no dog in the hunt with this company. I just like their coffee and I like that it helps veterans. So it's my personal opinion and take it for what it's worth.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving Postcard From Heaven

My sister, Melinda, still lives on the farm where our parents lived and they both died within the past year. She wasn't feeling the holidays so she went up to their house to work on some organizing. While there she found a packet of old cards and the first one was a Happy Thanksgiving postcard. She felt like it was Mom and Dad wishing her Happy Thanksgiving and gave her such a feeling of love. I had to scrapbook her story. Here is my digital scrapbook page including the postcard from Heaven.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Proverbs 3:27-30

Proverbs 3:27-30 (NLT)  27 Do not withhold good from those who deserve it
when it’s in your power to help them.
28 If you can help your neighbor now, don’t say,
“Come back tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.”
29 Don’t plot harm against your neighbor,
for those who live nearby trust you.
30 Don’t pick a fight without reason,
when no one has done you harm.

Romans 13:7 Pay everyone what you owe him: taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.

Galatians 6:10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to the family of faith.

We are only stewards of what has been given to us by God. We are not owners. And this is not only material and financial blessings but if God has given us wisdom, energy, health, abilities and skills... then be willing to share it with those in need. "Do not withhold good".

I should be generous in any way that would be helpful, if I have the ability or resources. When someone needs to merge into traffic, I should be generous and allow them to go ahead of me. When someone jumps ahead of me in line, I should be generous and let it go and let them. No skin off my teeth so why not? When someone needs help moving their dog house, do I have the strength and health? Then why not help them? If someone forgot their lunch and I have brought my lunch, cannot I share with them? If I have a good church and someone moves into the neighborhood, shouldn't I share my church by inviting them to come? If I have money in my pocket and someone ahead of my in line runs out of money and has to start putting things back, maybe I should offer to pay the difference? If someone feels in need of prayer can you not pray with or for them?

There is a caveat, "from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them". Are you aware of a need? You can't beat yourself up if you aren't aware of the need. Some people don't want to "bother" others by asking for prayer or putting their need out. Is that a form of pride? I don't know, not trying to judge. Just ask yourself that. There could be perfectly good reasons why you would hide a need, but if you do, you miss the support and prayer of those who care about you. Someone might not think to pray or otherwise help you if they have no idea of the need.

Do they deserve it? Now that doesn't mean we sit on a high horse and judge someone else. But it does seem to mean we should use discernment and wisdom when it comes to how we help someone. We don't want to get in God's way and become someone's God. I.e. they begin to depend on us instead of on God. I'm not their Holy Spirit and I shouldn't push God aside and take care of things myself. I feel like our nation has become that way. The government has deleted God from everything and tried to become God to it's citizens. We will just establish another program, spend more money, make more laws, set up more regulations, hire more people, etc. so that we can take care of everyone and they will never know need. It's totally unrealistic. It's un-doable. But it hasn't stopped our government from trying and spending wads of cash to do so. We also have to use discernment and godly wisdom (which is the context of the whole of chapter 3) to know how to help under God's direction.

If God prompts you to fill a need, don't wait until you talk yourself out of it. That's what verse 28 means. Go ahead and do what you feel God has prompted you to do. Stop and help change the tire for the lady on the side of the road. Don't drive down the road, talk yourself out of it and figure it's too late. Stop, or turn around, or  go to the next exit and double back. If God brings a need to your attention, be obedient right then. But don't let someone pressure you into doing something (because then you may be at cross purposes with God who means to take care of the situation in His way or His time) and don't berate yourself if you really didn't even think about it. If you didn't see the need, it's because God had another plan. If you see the need and God prompts you, don't hesitate and don't feel bad later thinking you were foolish. If the person you helped abused your generosity, that's between them and God. You did what God prompted you to do.

We should never plot evil against someone who has trusted us. For instance, our next door neighbor trusts us and we shouldn't abuse that trust to do him/her evil. Our co-worker works with us everyday, they shouldn't have to worry that we have evil designs on them, they trust us. We tend to trust people we see on a daily basis and who we have a relationship with. They are at ease with us and not on guard. But if you abuse that trust and take advantage of them you have not only done evil but added the betrayal to your sin!

Deuteronomy 27:24 Cursed is anyone who kills their neighbor secretly.

When a trusted friend betrays you, the hurt and pain is even deeper. Maybe you've spilled your guts to someone you trusted only to have them use the information against you. They've taken unfair advantage of you. It makes you feel foolish and stupid for trusting them. You feel betrayed in a personal way. Someone you thought of as your friend has done evil against you. The pain is somehow much deeper when it's caused by someone you trusted.

Maybe it's words. Maybe they've stabbed you in the back with someone else to take advantage of you. Maybe it's laughing about you behind your back. Maybe it's lying about you to make themselves look good.

Maybe it's actions. Maybe they've used information from you to climb over you and up the ladder. Maybe it's a trusted friend who takes advantage of knowing your family and household routine to kidnap your child. Maybe it was someone who knew you wouldn't be home and took that time to steal from you. I know of family members who have taken advantage of their parents or aging grandparents in order to steal from them. There are people actually looking for gullible people to befriend so they can learn what they need to know in order to plot against you.

These verses say that we should not be like those kind of wicked people. We should never abuse someone's trust in us and take advantage of them or do them harm. If someone reveals a confidence to us, we should be very careful about sharing it with others. If someone lets their hair down in front of us, we should be careful not to use it against them or to bring more trouble to them. We should be a good neighbor, a good friend, a good co-worker, a good family member, a good church member. We should be someone who is trustworthy.

We should also not go around looking for a fight. Some people just seem to love stirring up trouble and messing with people's minds, causing arguments and fights. That's wrong.

Romans 14:19 So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another.

Romans 12:18 If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.

Hebrews 12:14 Pursue peace with all men, and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord.

To cause contention and start arguments is wrong. Children argue and fight, adults should have a level head and do what they can to avoid it. I don't mean peace-at-any-cost, but as much as you can, and still follow God first and foremost, then pursue peace. Some people like to start an argument and then sit back and laugh at people who rise to it. Some people like to fight and they like violent drama so it follows them wherever they go. Some people are so evil they deliberately plot to bring about violence. They lay in wait and ambush someone and beat them up. Bullies love taunting and winding themselves up and then beating someone up. Then there are verbal abusers who like yelling, hollering, calling names and saying whatever they can to provoke another person to react. Their intention is to hurt someone deeply without actually laying a hand on them. There are those who seem to have no sense of social graces and they like starting up about politics, religion, and other debating issues so they can see if they can win the competition it causes. They won't back down and before you know it, the shouting has begun. Alcohol is like throwing gas on the fire with these people. They will ruin a party, ruin a family holiday, ruin a trip, ruin a vacation... because they can't stop running their mouths and stirring up trouble. They have no "off" button and they are determined to "win" any discussion.

Don't pick a fight without reason, when no one has done you any harm.  Have you ever had a bad day at work and when you get home, you pick a fight with your wife? She has done you no harm, but you just had to start the fight because of your anger or frustrations at work. You jumped on her about something silly or inconsequential and blew it all up and out of proportion. Or maybe you don't like Mr. Smith so you make him the butt of your jokes all day long at the office. If he ever finally has enough and reacts, then you argue with him. "Can't you take a joke?" Or maybe your mother picks on you all day long at the family reunion, always putting you down and slighting you. She's picking a fight, baiting you. When you snap at her, she's suddenly pitiful, "Oh how could you speak like that to your mother?" She's suddenly made you the bad guy after her all day assault. It's best to avoid that situation as best you can. It must be terribly painful when your own parents constantly try to hurt you and start fights! Sometimes, it may mean completely cutting them off if you find it always gets out of hand and leads you to fall into the same old fights. Remember, Joseph FLED from sin when his master's wife wheedled him day in and day out to commit adultery with her and she finally grabbed his coat to pull her to him. He ducked out and fled, leaving her holding his coat. Don't let other people trap you into something that always ends up with the same old same old. Be adult and make decisions that help you remain at peace, even if it means skipping Christmas at the old homeplace. It's better to miss it and have a peaceful Christmas without falling into sin, than to go back into a family maelstrom that always robs you of peace. It's not worth it. And if they make you feel like you are a scrooge because you won't come to see them, let them think it.

So these verses are giving us good, godly wisdom about how to deal with other people in our lives. Be helpful and generous, don't betray the trust of others and do them evil or take advantage of them, and don't get involved in fights over nothing.

Have you ever felt God prompt you to help someone, just out of the blue? Did you do it or talk yourself out of it?
Have you ever been generous with someone and they took advantage of you and abused your generosity? How did it make you feel? Were you able to leave it with God and forget about it or did you fret over it and get angry? Did it affect the way you help and give to others? Should it?
Have you ever felt pushed to give, compelled, coerced, pressured, trapped, even made to feel guilty if you didn't? How did it make you feel? Did it affect the way you help and give to others? Should it?
What is your motive for giving? Is our motivation important to God?
Do we negate the good we do by having impure motives, great expectations, desire for acknowledgment?
Have you ever been stabbed in the back by someone you trusted? Do you think the pain was deeper because it was from someone you trusted?
Have you ever been hurt by a family member who took advantage of you? Have you been able to forgive that person? Has it affected your life or relationships since? Do you understand that forgiveness is an act of the will, not based on feeling and has nothing to do with whether or not you remember the offense. It also doesn't mean you throw wisdom and discernment out the door. You forgive because God asks us to forgive. We forgive because He forgave us. We forgive with the supernatural help of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it takes time but it should be a goal for us. We also can still use wisdom and discernment to not let the person further abuse us by not getting ourselves back in the same situation. For instance, if your son has begged you for money and then used the money to buy drugs, you naturally feel betrayed. You are called to forgive your son, but godly wisdom would tell you not to give him any more money, regardless of his "dire circumstances". That doesn't mean you haven't forgiven him. You can forgive him but you have learned, and now have the wisdom and discernment, to say, "No".
Have you ever been hurt by a fellow church member or a pastor? How hard has that been to forgive? Maybe you had a higher expectation because they are from your church or are a "man (or woman) of God". But it comes down to being hurt by someone you really trusted. I have had this happen too many times and it's very heartbreaking. Has it affected your ability to participate in church, or in attending church, or finding a church? We are called to forgive but it's very hard to regain trust and this hurts us, as well as the body of Christ, who actually need our help. We don't just go to church to receive, but to participate and help others in the church. It may be your are an encourager and there are people in the church who need your encouraging words. It may be you are good with babies and the church families need you in the nursery. It may be you are a good teacher and they need a teacher for the young adult class. It may be you are a prayer warrior and there are people in the church needing your prayer covering. But if you are still at home, licking your wounds and unable to trust enough to go back to church... then satan has effectively removed you from receiving ministry and giving ministry. It took me years to get over the last betrayal at a church we had been members of for over 25 yrs. But I knew it was God's will that I forgive and that I find a new church body and be able to be a part again. So I kept praying about it. I was finally able to forgive and then I kept praying about finding a new church. We visited many and I had all but given up. Then God literally dropped one in our lap. Then it's taken several years to trust again. I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm better than I was!
Can you think of someone who always seems to start an argument or a fight? What do you think their motivation is? Do they feed on drama? Do they like setting people up and then laughing at them? Do they like violence (I know someone who chased her son-in-law with a chainsaw!)? Do they like hurting someone? Do they use fighting in ways of revenge? Are they so competitive that everything becomes a fight to the death? Do they like wheedling and needling until someone explodes and then they play the victim and justify themselves?
Can you think of someone who has generally been at peace with those around them? They are good at deflecting conflict. They are tactful and speak carefully so as not to start something. Their family doesn't have arrests, warrants, domestic disputes, domestic violence. They aren't at the bars fighting every Friday night. They deliberately try to avoid getting into contentious subjects in conversations. Have you learned anything from them?
Or do you feel like they are being a doormat and letting everyone walk all over them? To be peaceable is one thing, but peace-at-any-cost is something else. There is balance and God is in the balance. Do you understand the balance? Do you feel like you live in a good balance? Do you try to live a peaceful life or do you find trouble wherever you go? Is there constant arguing in your home or are you able to have good conversation and good relationships with your family?

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